Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Baghdad Burning

I've been working on an article about women's weblogging (obviously, this is not for Jewelry Crafts magazine ;), and during my research I discoverd a book called Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog from Iraq. I feel kind of out of it since there's actually a second book, Baghdad Burning II: More Girl Blog from Iraq (Women Writing the Middle East) out now. But, I still thought it worth blogging about because so far, everyone I've mentioned it to has not heard of either.

I'm going to admit that while I did not vote for Bush, I did originally buy into the whole WMD thing, and I was relieved after 9/11 to realize that we had a republican in the White House. Of course, had I owned a crystal ball at the time, I may not have felt the same way. It seemed so clear that all of those people "over there" where involved. And, like many Americans, I wanted someone to pay. Ironic that our soldiers along with the Iraq people, like the young woman who wrote this book, are the ones paying the price, yet they had nothing to do with it.

Any way, I don't plan to write about politics. I'm just not good at it, but I felt this book was worth talking about for other reasons besides the war. As a middle-class western woman, I found it interesting to read the other side of things from another woman "over there."

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