Monday, February 26, 2007

Day 6...Sort Of

So, today is sort of, kind of, day 6 of the Shangri-La Diet. I say "sort of" because it's been very difficult to get all 4 servings of the oil or sugar water in every day.

For example, yesterday was a total diet bomb. Not that I ate a lot. Actually, the total opposite happened. I had to work at my crappy PT job and had planned to bring a little bag of sugar and a measuring spoon so I could do the sugar water thing. Before leaving, I managed one dose of oil, but then as I was driving in I realized I'd forgotten my sugar. So, no oil and no sugar for the 5-6 hours I was to be away. But, as it turned out, I wasn't that hungry and did really well all day. I had an okay breakfast and just had some low-fat yogurt and a few cheese sticks while at work, my lunch essentially.

Then it hit me - About 4pm (with an hour left of work to go), I got the most intense headache. Granted, I could blame it on the lack of food, but it wasn't like I felt hungry or I was shaking, which is usually what happens when I'm hungry - I get the shakes. Also, it hit right after a patron was giving me grief. Since I'd worked there all day the day before, this was patron pain-in-in-a** number 9,999.

"Is that book age appropriate for my child?!!" She screeched at me across the reference department.

And, GAZ-ING! - a pain just shot through my brain. That was it for me. I had one nerve left and that woman took it. I felt sorry for the next innocent patron that was going to ask me for the millionth time if the paper went face up or down in the photocopy machine.

Here's another issue with the sugar/oil. You have to have a one hour window before and after taking it in order to eat or drink anything that has flavor. That means if you are sipping an ice tea, for example, you can't take any of this stuff while you are sipping or it won't work. So, if you figure I need to take a total of 4 tbls a day, and the window is a total of 2 hours, 4x2 = 8 hours of no food or drink other than water.

It has made me wonder if that is really what this diet is all about.

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