Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back to Counting

Okay, okay, I'm back to calorie counting starting today. Obviously, the work out like a maniac thing didn't work. Since getting sick, I'm still back to trying to get my stamina up enough for multiple workouts each day, and even a 30 minute one has not been all that easy. I'm doing it, but I can tell a difference from before getting sick and now.

Plus, stepping on the doctor's scale yesterday didn't help much. The news was not really anything worse than I already knew, but still - sobering.

Today is grocery day, so that means it is a good day to stock up on vegies and fruits that will hopefully keep me full and happy. The fruit this time of year is pretty sad, but I'm thinking, maybe, apples? It is fall, so apples should be fairly decent this time of year.

I'm going to start at 1800 calories and go down from there. I know that sounds high, but considering I eat at least 2000 to 2500 when I'm not dieting, then it's at least something, and it's not so daunting.

Other than my weight, which my doctor didn't even mention, I had a good bill of health. Of course, she is on me about getting a mammogram, which I didn't do last year. I know. I'm so bad, but you know how everyone tells you they aren't that big a deal, that they don't hurt? Well, that is the biggest line of BS I've every heard in my life. I would love to see a man get his you-know-what squished between two piece of glass like a waffle iron and then say, "Hey, that was no big deal." Oh, and I love how you get through it all, you're trying to think happy thoughts through the whole thing because soon it will be over, and then finally, you're done and the nurse says, "Don't get dressed yet in case we have to do it again." "Again!?!...F-----???!!" So, you sit there freaking out in your little paper shirt praying to every God known to mankind that the darn thing worked.

Ah, medical science! Gotta love how they think of ways to torture your who-haas, but can't come up with that magic pill to keep us all young and thin.

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