Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Direction 4 Fatand40

After explaining to a web-friend of mine about all the changes that have happened to my life over the past month or so - good changes, exciting changes, but scary changes as well - she put it like this: "It sounds like you have come to a cross-road in your life."


Here is the short version of what's happened over the past few weeks: I got the job of my dreams, a full-time tenured track teaching gig at a school I adore; I received yet another book deal (in the middle of another book right now already), one I thought wasn't going to start until January but is starting now instead; I realized I'm going to have to cut down on some of my smaller writing jobs, my blogging especially.

Granted, none of this should be that much of a surprise to me. I went back to school so that I could get a job just like the one I finally landed. I sent in the proposal for the book because I knew I wanted to write it. I went into blogging on a lark, thinking it would just be a fun way to earn a little cash but mainly with the idea it would be a good way to promote my other writing work, which it has.

Still, I've had to make some really difficult decisions. I love the blogosphere. I love writing blogs and getting paid to do it, even if it's not a huge amount of money. I love the people I've met and worked with as a pro blogger.

But yet....I know that I want to teach and write my books as well, and I just can't do it all. I also know I'm very lucky to have to make decisions like this, even though, hey, I've earned it. As I explained at one point in my interview for the job when asked if I really thought I was ready to teach full-time: "I went back to school and got my Ph.D. so that I could teach here full-time. Yes, I'm ready, and I want this job."

Though it took years to get here (actually 9, but who's counting?), it still feels like everything is changing for me overnight. So, I'm walking down a new road, but I'm taking very small steps because I'm just trying to get my bearings. I know I'm headed in the right direction though.

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Doctora Yvonne said...

Dear Tammy,
Congratulations on your new job. What will your new book be about? Somnething related to teaching?
Congratulations again!

fatand40 said...

Thanks, I write books about jewelry making.