Friday, November 16, 2007

Back to School Shopping

Because of the new teaching gig starting in a few months and the fact that I'm down a size now and can't imagine myself down another size by the time school starts in a few months, I went ahead and did a little back to school shopping.

I know most women are supposed to love to shop, but I guess I'm not like most women. I love to have the stuff in my closet, but I hate to go out and get it. On-line shopping isn't too painless, so I don't mind that. For example, LL Bean is a pretty decent semi-casual but not too casual place for teacher clothing. I also have luck sometimes with J.Jill, on sale items of course because their prices are normally on the high side. But, I really needed some suit/career type clothing, so I trudged out to Sears the other day.

I pulled out the "new" size I can wear, headed into the dressing room, and was pleasantly surprised that just about all of it was too large. The skirts almost fell off and pants were too roomy, especially in the waist. Could it be I'm really into the next size, at least at Sears?

With this little thrill in me, I headed back out to get the same items one size smaller. As I'm thumbing through one of the racks, a petite woman was also looking and then reached past me for an item, "I need a 4," she tells me. Pop! There goes my little bubble of delight.

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