Friday, November 03, 2006


Today I'm home working because I work at the library all weekend (ugh). But here it is, almost noonish, and I haven't found myself hungry at all. In fact, I'm making myself eat a pear right now because it is on its last leg (if pears had legs) and I need to get back into my fruit habit.

So why is today diffrent than yesterday? Why was I so hungry yesterday morning about this time? Heck, I was hungry five minutes after I arrived at work.

Tedium - I think that's the answer. My job there is boring. I'm really just killing time until I figure out what else I'm going to do. That makes for a very (very) long day.

With boredom comes hunger. It's all up here (touching head).

The reason I wasn't hungry today was because I've been busy working since the moment I woke up. And I'm invested in my work. What I'm doing (blogging, emailing people, finished up my school red tape) matters to me.

Okay, enough philosophizing - here's a progress report:

Yesterday's calories came in at about 1500. Bascially, I ended up not eating late in the day too much and just had some soup (which is probably high in sodium..ya ya, I know). That helped with the calorie count being a little on the low side though.

Today, I'm hoping to keep it around 1500 again. This weekend is going to be tough due to the farmer's market and the bread man (who I have a secret crush on).

I need to focus, focus, focus. Ignore his fabulous rolls and buns. Focus, focus, focus!

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