Monday, November 06, 2006

Clearing the Clutter

Now that I reached a major milestone in my life and school will soon be a memory for me, I'm concentrating on clearing the clutter. That includes my house, which is a total wreck, and my life in general. You'll notice I changed the tag line for this blog. Heck, I may change it again as I change my life around, rearranging furniture, tossing out stacks of magazines, dusting away the cobb webs of my life in general.

I feel like this is a time for me to rethink many things in my life, that includes my career, or any possibility of future careers, my writing direction, and my designing. I guess because I'm a crafty sort of person that I think better when I'm doing something. I'm "hands-on" as they say. So the literal moving away of clutter from my home helps me think.

One issue I'm already starting to deal with is the idea of putting more on my plate. Here I finally have school off the plate, and I've caught myself thinking of more things to do - silly things, really:

  • "Interesting, they have a Women's Studies certification at UCF, only 12 hours, that's just 4 classes!
  • I know of a blog network that needs someone to write about literure...
  • Oh, and I could write a weight loss blog for $$"

These thoughts run through my head, and I have to catch myself. Wait! Stop! Are you insane?

Even now, with school ending, I still feel like I'm doing too many things, and not necessarily doing them well or even enjoying some of them any more. So, just as I have to literally push away my plate on the table, I need to remember to push away the thoughts of doing, doing, doing more.

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