Thursday, September 13, 2007

Close But No Cigar

I was really hoping to be able to say that I've lost 10 lbs this week, but nope! I'm still at 9.5lbs. I know, what's a half a pound, right? Considering it will take me another week now to get rid of it, that little half pound is significant.

I was actually pretty good last week, but I had two issues that probably messed me up. First, now that I've lost weight, I just realized a few days ago that I need to consider recalculating my Weight Watcher's points, and sure enough, after I did that I learned I need to eat 20 not 21 points now. One point? Yes, but really, over a week, that's 7 points.

The other issue was my well-meaning husband who made some low-cal soup. The recipe came from a WW cook book, and he's made it before, but in typical DH fashion, he has to make enough to feed the entire state of Florida. And, I really like this soup. So, it was difficult to figure out portions when he had quadrupled the recipe. Low cal soup or not, if you eat a lot of it (which I did) you'll have more calories than you need.

On the up side, I didn't gain any weight, but I so want to be able to say, "I've lost 10 lbs!"

Hopefully, I can say that next week.

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