Thursday, July 12, 2007

So, So Busy!

After finally leaving my CLJ, I had visions of cleaning out and reorganizing my office, making jewelry - for fun actually, catching up on house work, that sort of thing.

Well, obviously, I was completely insane to even think that could happen - that I'd have "extra time!"

Instead, I'm busier than ever. Not but a few weeks before I was to leave the library, I received a wonderful opportunity to work on the management end of one of the networks I write for. Basically, I ended up replacing one job with another, but now, this job I get to do from home and I don't have to deal with "the public" like I did at the library.

I'm also on the brink of overload with the two summer classes I'm teaching on-line. I'm thinking..."How did I agree to do this?" By the time my summer classes end, one of my fall classes begins. Yes, summer is almost over so that means syllabi to write, handouts to copy, etc. Ugh!

So, this is just the long, rambling way to say that I haven't written over here - on my one blog for no other reason than to blog, blog - because I'm busy.

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