Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Curse Thee Isaac Newton!

About a week ago, I finally threw in the towel and returned to Weight Watchers. With school on the way, it was time to either do it or give up, and the thought of walking into the classroom wearing a moo-moo and flip flops was enough to get my big *ss back to WW.

Long story short - I figured out that my scale and the one at WW was weighing me the same after my first visit. So, I made the mistake of weighing myself during the week to see if I was making progress, and I was thrilled to see that I had lost 4 lbs. Of course, I knew this was water weight, and I wasn't even that thrilled at the idea of 4 since my past tries at WW had given me a 5lb loss on the first week. Still, I figured 4 was good.

When I went back the next week to weigh in, however, their scale said I'd only lost 2.5 lbs! What the? I mentioned to the WW staff member that my scale was previously weighing me the same at home, and my home scale at read a 4 lb loss. She asked me what time I'd weighed myself that day, first thing in the morning? Yes. Well, it's gravity she explained. That we all weigh less when we first wake up and as the day goes on we weigh more, up to 2 lbs more.

I know I should still be happy with my small weight loss, but still, gravity sucks!

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