Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lettuce and Lemon Water Diet

While I was pretty good last week on the old WW diet, Saturday night had a slight issue with cheese...oh...and wine. It is our normal routine on that night to pop upon some nice wine and munch a little. My dh is low-carb and it works for him, so he gets some really yummy cheeses to eat with the wine. While I didn't have my normal amount and I did count it in my WW points book, still, as the weigh-in day neared I started feeling really guilty.

What if I don't lose anything!? What if I gained?! What if that cheese went directly to my *ss?

My scale was giving me all kinds of crazy readings. I actually took one day and weighed at different times and recorded it because I was curious at how differently I'd weigh depending on the time of day, and the range was anywhere from one to three pounds different.

So, a few days before the WW meeting, I resolved to purge myself and drink tons of lemon water and eat only salads with low-cal dressing. The first day was tough, but I managed to eat way under my points. The second day, I relaxed a little but still had points left by the end of the day, and considering the number of points I have (not much) that's saying a lot.

Honestly, I'm not sure if it was the two days of lettuce and lemons or maybe the fact that I did stay within the points range for most of the week or that I had exercised a few more days than the week before, but I was rewarded with a three pound loss on weigh-in day. I was ready to be thrilled by one pound, so the relief I felt after getting the news, well, you can't imagine. I was seriously freaking out the day before.

That's a total of 5 1/2 lbs in my first few weeks back on the program. Go Weight Watchers!
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Jane Unit said...

I've just rejoined ww too. For the third time. The first time, I lost a lot of weight, gained it all and more back through the pain of the divorce that followed. The second time, I spent 16 weeks losing the same damn 5 pounds.
I hope this time is the keeper.
My first meeting was last night. I followed plan pretty closely today. But it's friday night, and I could murder a bottle of wine.
-- joolz

fatand40 said...

Yes, wine and the weekends can kill me too, which is one reason I spend two days last week drinking lemon water and eating salads! Good luck. Hopefully, we can both keep it off this time.