Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poor Anonymous

I know I haven't been over here in a while, been bizzy, ya know. Funny thing was that I was thinking of bopping by and talking about how I lost another lb...yes, slow, but it is coming off. Or, I was thinking about writing about how I finally got some scam artists to stop calling me.

But, then I got this really funny comment posted on my blog here and I just had to laugh. No, I'm not going to approve it because it's a very meany weany post. The person had a lot of nasty stuff to say about how I'm a sucky writer and how every writer worth his or her pencil (notice how my pronouns matched there) should shun me.

Of course, this same person doesn't have the ca - hoonas (I have no clue how to spell that, sorry) to sign her name. Nope. She signed it Anonymous (and I just have this gut feeling it's a her because we gals can be so catty like this sometimes). No name, just her unsolicted opinion. Um, yes, nuff-said.


Carol B. said...

Internet trolls really are annoying. If they have an opinion they should own it. A meany-weinie indeed!

fatand40 said...

Exactly my point. Thanks, Carol

Deidre said...

I think a lot of bloggers are giving up comments precisely because of random meanness like that. I always figure that if I can't put my name to it and stand by my words, I probably shouldn't be saying it.

By the way, your post above about Jane Austen was brilliant. Hollywood is insistent on milking Miss Jane for all she's worth.

fatand40 said...

I have seen a number of blogs, especially popular ones, shutting down the comments option, which is sad, but I also think it's because of the fact (like you said) that some people get courageous all of a sudden when they don't have to ID themselves.

Glad you like the Jane post :) Thanks.