Monday, August 06, 2007

My Blog Story Published

Toby Bloomberg has a very cool site called Blogger Stories.

On this blog/site she publishes the stories of bloggers and how they got started in the blogosphere.

My story was just published over there today, way cool!

If you want to tell your story, check out her Welcome page that gives you the how-to.

It's a good opportunity to promo yourself some if you are a blogger, and I have to admit that writing out "my story" about blogging was more challenging than I had expected. It really made me think, so it is also a good exercise. How did you start? Why did you start? Why are you still doing it? With all the blogging I do, I don't really have time to think about this sort of thing that often.


Toby said...

Your blogger story is way cool .. from beads to a pro blogger! Thanks for the great chapter.

fatand40 said...

Thanks, Toby. I really appreciate the opportunity. I've been telling a lot of bloggers to send in their stories to you.