Friday, October 27, 2006

Drawing the Line?

October is almost ova, and that means, hopefully, I'll be back on my diet track in a big way. So far, I'm still about the same, so no complaints. I'm wearing the same clothes, and yet again, I tried shopping for pants recently only to realize I'm still in between sizes. 14s swim on me and 12 are just a little too tight. So, yes, a skirt it will be come defense time. That looks more professional any way, just not too comfy to drive hours and hours in with the whole high heels and panty hose scenario to boot, but NBG.

But, my post today is about something else.

When you do get on track, when you get into the diet groove, when do you know where to draw the line?

I spoke with C. the other day who is in the groove big time right now, losing a total of 5 lbs over the past few weeks. That point she feels great about, but on the flip side she is miserable. Why? Shouldn't she be thrilled? Jumping for joy?

She'd like to do all those things if she wasn't so damn hungry. Boy, do I know that feeling. The...what...three times now that I've seriously done the Weight Watchers thing that was exactly me at the time. For the first two to three weeks I was so, so, so hungry! Some how, though, I eventually got used to it. I could stand the hunger some how, and that's what I told her: "Stick it out one more week, and I bet you'll get used to it."

But, isn't that a sad thing to "get used to"?

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