Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do It for the Dogs (and Cats)

I read over on The Naughty Secretary Club's weblog about an animal shelter called A Place to Bark that is run by a fellow crafter, Bernie Berlin. She has been running the place solo for a long while but is now competing for $50,000 as part of America's Giving Challenge sponsored by Parade.

Along with sending in donations via a special badge, you can also host the badge on your blog - unless you have a cheesy freebie blog here at because every time I tried to load up the code, I got an evil IE message and my browser crashed. But, if you have a decent blog, I'm sure they would really appreciate more badges as well as more donations.

So, I'm off to donate on the badge over at The Naughty Secretary Club, so pop by there to find out all the details and to drop a little cash down or pick up the code for your own A Place to Bark donation badge.

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