Sunday, June 17, 2007

Feels Good!

I can't help it, but that song is going through my head. Who sings it? "I feel know that I would now....doodle doodle doodle do"

Any way, I turned in my letter of resignation at my CLJ today! Since it's Sunday, and I am one of the few pathetic souls required to work Sundays (every Sunday for the past five years mind you), I was able to sneak it into my boss's office without anyone knowing. He'll find it when he comes in the next morning. I know. It sounds chicken, and while I am a chicken, I had to do it today because I won't be back there until later in the week. I wanted to be a good employee and give them a full two weeks notice. Thus, it had to be today.

The gal I was working with knows, and she was freaking out: "Whose going to work every Sunday? OMG, they will probably try to make me do it! I'm not going to do it. Yada yada."

Maybe I am putting them in a bad way about the Sunday thing, but it is really time for me to move on, and I don't think they will be all that surprised. This CLJ was perfect when I was going so school, but now I'm not going to school, and I have so much work as it is, that I really had to decided to cut something. This was my first choice, obviously. be a fly on the wall tomorrow :)


Mary Jo said...

Yee haw! It's been a long time getting there, and the usefulness of the job is no longer there.

Congratulations on moving on!

fatand40 said...

Exactly! I've been there 5 years. It's hard to believe it, but it got me through grad school so I'm outa there. Thanks Mary Jo.

laura said...

congratulations on leaving the old life behind (a part of it anyway).

Change is good!!!
(I need to make this my new mantra).

Good luck with the new stuff!!!

fatand40 said...

"Change is good" Excellent mantra!

ruth said...

goodluck! it's a big step, but one's gotta do what one's gotta do, eh? :)

fatand40 said...

That's right. I can't do everything. I'd like to, but I just can't. It's scary giving up a pretty decent part-time pay check, but I think I'm on borrowed time there any way. There are serious talks of cutting back hours and laying off staff. Part-timers are some of the first to go.